Line of business: Wholesale and retail of high-quality imported and specialty fresh products.

Application of advanced F2B2C mode – direct purchasing from growers and production base; a Full Traceability Supply Chain Management Platform helps to reduce costs and solve food safety problems; the “Smart retail micro marts + Community Group” mode solves the problem of “the last 100-meter delivery”; focusing on the new retail market of community fresh products, we are creating an all-channel integrated system.

New retail in community: Based on our established fresh supply chain that has been built a dozen years ago, supported by advanced technologies such as Smart retail micro marts, Traceability System and Profit Distribution System, and with efficient and effective marketing, we are building a multi-level sales channel for new retail of fresh products in LOHAS community, driven by a competitive edge leveraging the three-in-one feature – “Smart retail micro marts + Smart Applet + Community Group Purchase”.

Offline Smart Micro Marts: Essential tool for community group purchase and promotions; for product display, sale, and storage

Online Smart Procedure Lohas City: Effective support to the offline sales; integrating online and offline business into one platform

Super Strong and Huge Community Volunteer Teams (“LOHAS Social Group”): Hire 5-10 part-time workers at each community to handle group purchase, offline sales, community distribution and other business to serve and develop LOHAS family.

Cold Chain Delivery

Orders are placed 3-6 months in advance, at the early stages of cultivation.

Reaching the domestic customs through our cold chain delivery within 10-30 days.

Complete city-wide delivery by cold supply chain delivery vehicle within 6-10 hours, one-day delivery service.

Smart micro marts covers all large businesses, communities and direct wholesale locations.